To mobilise the community to take collective actions to improve building energy efficiency and enhance the transparency of data and benchmarks, the Energy Efficiency Office of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has launched the Online Building Based Electricity Utilization Index Benchmarking Tool (online benchmarking tool) for five categories of commercial buildings in Hong Kong.

The online benchmarking tool serves to facilitate the comparison and review of building electricity utilization performance, thereby allowing building owners to benchmark their own electricity utilization performance with others having similar building usage. It also provides general advice on promoting building energy saving.

The online benchmarking tool is applicable to the following major categories of commercial building:

Category Major usage of Commercial Building
C1 Office Building
C2 Retail Building
C3 Mixed commercial development (Total internal floor area ≤ 25,000m2)
C4 Mixed commercial development (Total internal floor area > 25,000m2)
C5 Building without Central A/C